Our room types

The Sempre Viva complex offers various types of luxury apartments to fit the needs and expectations of its clientele. We aim to deliver unforgettable moments of Greek hospitality surrounded by sun-kissed landscapes overlooking the azure sea. Offered with impeccable service from our friendly staff who strive to please. ‘Sempre Viva Suites’ are designed to offer each guest luxurious accommodation with all modern comforts available at their fingertips, making each stay an unforgettable one. The Sempre Viva Suites complex consists of seven (7) modern unimposing buildings set in a landscaped garden that mirrors the flora of Monemvasia’s hillsides. The building’s formation reminds us of village life in an almost by gone era in rural Greece.

VIP Suite

From 2 pax

Accessible Suite

From 2 pax

Junior Suite (8 Suites)

From 2 pax

Executive Suites (4 Suites)

From 3 pax

Grand Suite (4 Suites)

From 4 pax